Strauss-Kahn added another complaint, this time for violation

Made her a prostitute, French, traveling to the U.S.. It would have been forced by a group

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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Another chapter judicial review of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the frustrated Frenchpresidential candidate for the Socialist Party. It is now being investigated by the judicial police in Lille in northern France, for allegedly taking part in a “gang rape” a girl “escort” when he was director of the International Monetary Fund.

The disgraced politician, even before his socialist peers, is in the center of an investigation that has to Marion, a prostitute, especially coming to Washington for a sex party, as the protagonist. Judicial prosecutors, she would have been forced by DSK and with the help of their friends binge, having sex and unwanted violent.

The young has not officially submitted the complaint. But if the offense is proved could be charged with “aggravated procuring” a charge which could serve up to 20 years in prison. The daily Le Monde quoted the prosecutor in Lille, Frederic Fevre, who notes thatthe research will now focus on the complaint and that “could be labeled as acts group rape.”

So far, DSK, as they say in France, has refused to accept that their different sexual encounters with prostitutes were paid and always referred to these parties as “libertinenights.”

The events had happened on 15 and December 18, 2010, in an elegant hotel inWashington, Strauss-Kahn even when served as director of the IMF. He would haveforced the girl to a brutal sexual act with the help of his friends David Roque, FabricePazzkoski police and Christophe Lagarde, who had joined to travel.

Lille prosecutors are in charge of the affair that also involves Carlton, who mustinvestigate. The three friends mentioned and are accused of procuring in the French courts for another reason and it was who organized sex parties for DSK.

The young said she asked them to stop but was forced to continue. “He (DSK) used force, I caught my hands,” Marion said in a statement that was leaked to the French press. “I pulled my hair, made me hurt. I weigh 50 kilos. He is much heavier”, he said.

DSK’s lawyers denounced “endless persecution” of his client, whose political careerwas destroyed by the complaint of attempted rape of a maid in a hotel in New York and his subsequent arrest, which cost him his position at the IMF and his presidential candidacy.

Last week filed a countersuit against the woman who denounced Nafissatou Diallo, for a million dollars. The leader claims that a very serious damaged his reputation and career.

“This research will establish that Strauss-Kahn never committed acts of violence or had intercourse without consent,” they said in that note, broadcast by local media.

Prosecutors announced that they will study the findings of the criminal investigationbefore deciding whether to indict or not to DSK.

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