Animals in state of shock

This week I encountered with 2 photos of animals in a state of shock. My daughter sent me via Whatsapp another image of an elephant,  and a friend shared  many other by mailing list. The surprise is a reflection of the unexpected. Maybe of thing or events that potentially knows what will happen, but that […]

Animal Expressions

The following are pictures of animals we can sympathy, laughter and tenderness. The question is whether we humans are, so we perceive it, or them, you have these types of gestures. I think, in my opinion, they are both. We are animals. And change both our world, our “colleagues” of travel on earth will have […]

The kids and animals

The relationship of boys with nature is essential for their growth. The games allow children to learn that “about this world”.  Play earth, wood, trees or water not only make them happy, regardless of the game. It is the experience with the world, its textures, smells and colors. But the interaction with animals and pets, […]

Photographs of fictional animals

10 strangers animals that success on the planet

Check out these weird-looking animal Axototl The axolotl is a Mexican neotenic mole salamander. Neotenic means that, as adults, it holds onto traits seen in juveniles. Axolotls are used extensively in scientific research due to their ability to regenerate most body parts, ease of breeding, and large embryos. Cicada With 2,500 species of cicada insects […]