Apple OS X Lion bug that exposes passwords

A security blunder in the most recent version of Mac OS X – 10.7.3 – apparently turns on a system-wide debut log file that contains the login passwords of every user who has logged in since the update was applied. According to Sophos’ Naked Security blog it appears that a debug option was accidentally left enabled in […]

Converting Books for the Kindle in Mac & Apple

Amazon doesn’t go out of there way to make it clear how to use non-Amazon sources (we wouldn’t expect any less really, they have a business model to support and encourage). It’s really easy with the use of a free and open-source application called Calibre. Calibre can easily convert many, many, document formats into Kindle […]

One of the new fea­tures of Mac OS X Lion is Lion Recov­ery

Which includes all the tools you need to rein­stall, restore or repair your Lion instal­la­tion on your Mac. Check this page: Apple’s sup­port page for Lion Recovery One item of note is how to rein­stall your iLife appli­ca­tions after a restore of Lion. You can just down­load them from the Mac App Store if Lion […]

MKVtools, free video converter for Mac OS X

The need for an application for converting video files is increasing due to the possibilities and convenience that devices like iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad offer. MKVtools is a free utility to convert a variety of popular formats like mkv or other like avi, mp4, ogm, … Operation, as in most of these applications is […]

The Open Source

The traditional business model for companies is to create a product and/or provide a service to customers in order to receive payment and hopefully exceed operational costs to generate a profit. However, what happens when you are not creating a product or service, but instead ideas? How do you make a profit? How can you […]

Top 100 sites of Apple and Mac

In business for over 25 years, Macintosh has made some incredible advances in the technology world. With all these changes, users can find it difficult to keep up. Professional Sites Although written by those heavily ensconced in the field of technology, these blogs will help everyone make the most of their computers, peripherals, and more. […]