Diving within our brains

Humans have managed to a probe launched from Earth land, after a journey of 6,000 million kilometers through space on a comet crosses the solar system 135.000 mph. However, that same human being is incapable of understanding his own brain. The organ that weighs 1.5 kg we have in the head is a complete stranger. […]

The cause of anxiety would be a short circuit in the brain

It all depends on a deficiency in communication areas that regulate negative emotions. They know their common symptoms: apprehension, fear, difficulty concentrating. And the 2 to 3% of world population suffers from it. Now a new study appears to have identified the cause. The origin of generalized anxiety disorder is a deficiency of communication between […]

Dog: the best friend of men (Video)

Mem, I mean the title. Not all humans, I think they understand who is excluded. This type of behavior is typical of men and dogs. Women do not understand. Our friends and us, we contact our Spiritually much more tangibly than women. We havemany connections in the corpus callosum. So this video should go from […]

Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Offers Large Social, Fiscal Benefits

Early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease could save millions or even billions of dollars while simultaneously improving care, according to new work by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are heavy users of long-term care services, especially nursing home care, with estimated annual costs upward of tens of billions […]