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Brazil 2014 and the Sport

The 2014 World Cup is big business

States should promote the sport as a way for individuals to practice a physical activity to improve or maintain their health. It is also a recreation of social ties, where values ​​are transmitted; where...

Guarda do Embaú & Pinheira

Trips that were tragedies

A girl fell into the water from a cliff in Florianópolis and groom umped into the sea to help her. She died and drowned him still look for lifeguards. In another beach in the...

Unusual aerial view of the city of Rio de Janeiro, with its beaches filled by the crowd gathered for the Mass celebrated by Pope Francisco

The Pope in Brazil – Photos

Fransico’s visit to Brazil, not only meant the first Latin American pope take communion on their land. But it was a great event where people overturned a week devoted to faith. What did or...