Buenos Aires: spectacular views of Buenos Aires from the air photos

A team of Russian photographers travels the world to show it from an unknown perspective: 360 ° capture shots from helicopters. AirPano is a nonprofit project focused on spherical panoramas bird’s eye view high resolution. AirPano has... Read More

Argentina: TBA Termination is like washing your hands

Nearly three months after surgery Railway of Buenos Aires (TBA) and shock in Once, the Government announced this afternoon the termination of the concession contractto operate rail services Sarmiento and Mitre lines. The government took... Read More

Orcas in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

At this time of year come Orcas in Peninsula Valdez. I had the opportunity to visit Puerto Madryn and the surrounding area, and is a lovely place. The author of this video is Charly. Who knew in the summer. A cameraman and photographer, who is an... Read More

Once, Buenos Aires: train crash broken promises on a line with roads and wagon over 50 years

Crisis and neglect in the Argentine railway system The Once tragedy is part of a “critical scene railway,” both by the state it is in the infrastructure, such as operating conditions in which services are delivered. Beyond the causes that... Read More

Argentina: Child prostitution in Buenos Aires

We’re not talking about an exotic location. Non-European high-powered money in search of sex tourism, this monstrosity that we associate with mothers suffering distant countries who sell their children for coins. It happens here in the heart of... Read More