List public keys in Debian and check if they are expired or about to expire.

On this occasion, I’m going to show you how to list the public keys in Debian in case one of them is out of date and in your case, how to solve it. The first step is to open a terminal as root, and list the keys of the repositories that we have in the […]

How to install Brackets in Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives

Brackets is a code editor that we can get for our GNU/Linux distribution for free. Brackets is created by the company Adobe although it is Free Software. Brackets is not an editor of code to use since it only allows to edit files related to web development, although files of programming languages like C or […]

Ident2 Daemon for Debian

In some cases certain online protocols like IRC chat or FTP servers may require a proper ident response from the connecting client. While IRC and FTP clients for Windows often provide their own ident server, Linux users need to rely on a daemon replying to ident requests. Here is a quick guide how to install […]