Dog influencer: more and more dogs have their profile on Instagram

Not everything is to post a plate of food or a landscape with black and white filters. There is a parallel world on Instagram, which is gaining more ground. It is the dog profiles, where they speak in the first person, tell what they like to do and how they feel at each moment of […]

Shock or death

Dog eating her back

Be very bastard bad person to feed your dog on your back. The poor man is breaking his neck and pulling the tongue best to catch something.

Fly…. dog…. fly…..

Proud Parents: Havanese

The lady and gentleman – Photography of dogs

Lukanikos, the dog anarchist in Greece (+ photos, video)

On Wednesday the protests turned to the streets in the capital of Greece, after months of protests over the economic crisis that the European country is going through. However, this note aims to LukaNikos protagonist, a mongrel dog who since 2008 has been present in each of the riots in Athens. Dubbed as “the dog […]

Dog: the best friend of men (Video)

Mem, I mean the title. Not all humans, I think they understand who is excluded. This type of behavior is typical of men and dogs. Women do not understand. Our friends and us, we contact our Spiritually much more tangibly than women. We havemany connections in the corpus callosum. So this video should go from […]

Snooker playing dog

Look at this dog super smart. Until we see that looks like pushing the ball. Sure, it plays much better than me!. Enjoy.