Imagination and Creation: David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer is an amazing illustrator and digital artist from Switzerland. The Surrealist theme to his work seems reminiscent of Salvador Dali, especially Fuhrer’s work entitled “Red Apple”. “Drug Free Zone” has a beautiful, traveling composition. The way it leads you from one section of the painting to the next is magical. I love the […]

Landscapes – The wonders of the earth in Video

This video shared it via Google + Susan Cooper. The creator is Dustin Farrell, words abound.

Suspended in a sunbeam

Video posted to YouTube by CarlSaganPortal. “Gravel paths on hillsides amid moon-drawn vineyards, click of pearls upon a polished nightstand soft as rainwater, self-minded stars, oboe music distant as the grinding of icebergs against the hull of the self and the soul in the darkness chanting to the ecstatic chance of existence.” Nights on Planet Earth […]