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Create a Google Account Without a Gmail Address

Create a Google Account without Gmail email

If you want to use some Google services like Google+, Drive, Calendadario, Keep or Google Play you can do no see forced to use a Gmail account. It’s interesting to notice That the only...

Why is Google killing Google Reader?

Why is Google killing Google Reader?

Let’s be clear that this has nothing to do with revenue vs operating costs. Reader never made money directly (though you could maybe attribute some of Feedburner and AdSense for Feeds usage to it),...

Erika Thornes

Photographers in Google +

In my timeline of Google + excellent photographers have appeared.
I leave the best picture I’ve found and their profiles.
Enjoy it

Web Browsing Secure with Firefox

Web-spying technologies like FaceNiff, Firesheep and Newstweek are out there showing the world just how easy it is to see what you’re doing online, but they’re amateurish in comparison to what real hackers could do to you if they...

Google Art Project- The Hermitage

Google Art Project

a still from Google Art Project – Behind the Scenes The Google Art Project was launched at the end of last week.  It works on the same principle at Streetview – except you’re walking the...

Google Insights : More Languages and forecasting

Google announced in a blog post this week new features for its Google Insights for Search, available at http://www.google.com/insights/search/. The new features include lots more languages (a total of 39!) and even a forecasting...