Photographers in Google +

In my timeline of Google + excellent photographers have appeared.
I leave the best picture I’ve found and their profiles.
Enjoy it

In my timeline of Google + excellent photographers have appeared. I leave the best picture I’ve found and their profiles. Enjoy it   PHOTOGRAPHER: Javier Esvall Google+: profile PHOTOGRAPHER: Patrick... Read More

Web Browsing Secure with Firefox

Web-spying technologies like FaceNiff, Firesheep and Newstweek are out there showing the world just how easy it is to see what you’re doing online, but they’re amateurish in comparison to what real hackers could do to you if they catch... Read More

Historypin, Thousands of old photos Geolocated

      Historypin is another site for the curious, history buffs and those who like to look back and see how it has changed over the years. It uses Google maps to geotag old photographs sent by its users. They already have a large number... Read More

The Open Source

The traditional business model for companies is to create a product and/or provide a service to customers in order to receive payment and hopefully exceed operational costs to generate a profit. However, what happens when you are not creating a product... Read More