Argentina Milk causes cancer of the colon, breast and prostate

It’s hard to put this title covers my country. But no other. As we say in Argentina: “The bread, bread. And wine, wine.” If you ask me what happens, I think it is simple to explain. Corruption in my country is very large. So is in the... Read More

Monsanto’s relationship with the U.S. Government

In cables released by Wikileaks this past August, 2011, US diplomats asked the State Department for funding to send biotechnology experts to “target countries” for discussions with high-profile politicians and agricultural officials. The... Read More

Monsanto and its seed patents, genetically modified

“A new invention to poison people … is not a patentable invention.” Lowell v. Lewis, 1817 A landmark lawsuit filed on March 29 in US federal court seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seeds and to prohibit the company... Read More