How much does nature endure?

Argentina was a whaling country, a wolfhound and will now be a “guanaco hunter”. Using bugs and forests to move the human economic wheel is an old idea. Between the eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, boats loaded with hands, sticks and harpoons descended from the north, towards the southern seas; They came back up with furs […]

Stunning images of mushrooms

A lot of people consider mushrooms the “ugly duckling” of the plant kingdom, but it is a surprising world, full of colors, aromas, and flavors, waiting to be better known and explored. In fact, mushrooms as we know them are the reproductive organ of the fungus. There are more than 100,000 types of them, many […]

Incredible images that capture the extraordinary moments of wild nature.

Is wonderful and fascinating nature. These amazing pictures show the animal world as you’ve never seen. Each image reminds us that we share this planet with a multitude of fascinating creatures.

Mysterious Nature: Photos Trees that look like monsters

If you are a horror movie buff, you’ve certainly noticed the liberal use of trees to set the mood. Halloween is hardly complete without the image of a moon-lit and fog-laden tree. However, some trees have been molded by Mother Nature into specters of their own. Scary, frightening, or downright weird, the trees we’ve amassed […]

Eye to eye, with a hedgehog

Night sky above Yosemite

From the U.S. National Park Service and Yosemite Conservancy comes this great short film about the skies above Yosemite NP. The distance to major cities and thus relative absence of light pollution makes for phantastic night skies. Astronomers and (time lapse) photographer and others take advantage of these conditions: For best enjoyment make sure to […]

The Kiss

Duality between city and nature

Timelapse montage from late 2010 through early 2011. One year in the making. Locations include :  Montreal, Quebec, Canada  Quebec city, Quebec, Canada  Toronto, Ontario, Canada  Manhattan, New York, USA  Chicago, Illinois, USA Create by Dominic Plus

Objects on the beaches

On the beach you can find interesting objects to photograph. The following photos are a talented photographer, David Nightingale from Chromasia Limited who just happens to live on the beach! David has some fantastic landscape photographs in his collection, but these pictures have one thing in common. The themes are all items that have been […]

A tree like a woman

Or a woman in a tree