Surreal art

Heidi Taillefer Montreal-based artist paints imaginary creatures, like a cat with antiquated mechanical wings that float. Surreal , elegantly baroque paintings are fairytale for grown-ups, full of fanciful beasts and beingsIt’s the kind of art that... Read More

Mr. Magee’s work

Mr. Magee’s work - street artists

Mr. Magee’s work like many of the street artists is big. They are our Cistene Chapels, our murals. Mr. Magee works in a realistic style. And they look to be real attention grabbers when you’re travelling down the street. The pieces work better on... Read More

Oils of a reality

Resurrection. Óleo-lienzo. 60 x 80 cms. 2011

The painting is to portray a person, landscape or circumstance that the artist perceives or believe in his imaginary world. Paco Pomet, shows his oils to refresh the reality. Are almost photographs. The finishing touches of... Read More

Hands as a means of expression

For an artist means it can be more complex. The hands in the paintings, actually means a challenge to paint. And in some cases the center of expression such as: The hand also has an honorable place in art – in painting, sculpture and photography, as... Read More