Imagination and Creation: David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer is an amazing illustrator and digital artist from Switzerland. The Surrealist theme to his work seems reminiscent of Salvador Dali, especially Fuhrer’s work entitled “Red Apple”. “Drug Free Zone” has a beautiful, traveling... Read More

Georgia O’Keeffe: When the flowers are more beautiful

Is one of the American painter, one of the most celebrated painters of the United States. More than 500 examples of his work is found in more than 100 public collections in Asia, Europe and North and Central America. And because his work was exhibited... Read More

The beauty and sensuality of women in painting – Steve Hanks

Chillout Point blog has published an article with images of paintings by Steve Hanks. No doubt Steve’s work is related to women. In the pictures we can see where the beauty of women is enhanced by its surroundings. The sensuality and realism of... Read More

Vladimir Kush – is one of the most spectacular artists of our time

Say Kush: I was born in Russia, in small one-storeyed wooden house on the northern edge of Moscow, near the forest-park Sokolniki where in patriarchial times Russian Tsars were engaged in falconry. At the age of 7 he attended art school, while... Read More