Odebrecht, an earthquake for Peru

The scandal erupted when the confessions of officials of the Brazilian construction company were known about the bribes paid by the company to several peruvian government officials. There are doubts about the results of the research. An earthquake with epicenter in Brazil threatens to have catastrophic effects for the discredited peruvian political class. An earthquake […]

The Father of my country, Argentina

Today we commemorate the death of one of the greatest men of our history, Don Jose Francisco de San Martin. Strange and sad culture our own, we commemorate the deaths and is celebrated on that extraordinary day when be came to this world to fulfill their missions. This would be a sort of unauthorized biography […]

Copa America: Uruguay A not weighed favorite plate and got into the final

Last night was very cold in the stadium Ciudad de la Plata. But it was an exciting game. Argentine fan as I am much more interested in the environment that put the game swollen. Equpos Uruguay was much better. Confirming a job that comes from the 2010 World Cup. Technical players, a lot of grip […]