Objects on the beaches

On the beach you can find interesting objects to photograph. The following photos are a talented photographer, David Nightingale from Chromasia Limited who just happens to live on the beach! David has some fantastic landscape photographs in his collection, but these pictures have one thing in common. The themes are all items that have been […]

A tree like a woman

Or a woman in a tree


An iceberg is a large piece of ice from freshwater that has broken off from a snow-formed glacier or ice shelf and is floating in open water. It may subsequently become frozen into pack ice. Alternatively, it may come to rest on the seabed in shallower water, causing ice scour (also known as ice gouging) […]

Aurora Australis: The Magical Southern Lights

When the cosmic energies are at play it produces the most enchanting visual spectacle in the night sky. Nature’s light show you can call it, that is like a splash of colors over the dark sky. If you haven’t been able to guess what I am talking about, then you must read this post as […]

The picture would have changed the world

Many post pictures that show that changed the world. No doubt each picture had its effect.  I am left with what should be changed. I want to see, that for me is not changed in the world. The prize-winning image: A vulture watches a starving child in southern Sudan, March 1, 1993. Keven Carter winning […]