Fly a balloon over Alabama

Hot air ballooning over the Gulf Shores – Orange Beach, Alabama area is a wonderful outdoor recreational activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Gently lift off into an adventure where you’ll experience the scenic vistas of the Alabama Gulf Coast from a whole new vantage point! Leave your cares on the ground and marvel […]

Humor with a sense of life.

Undoubtedly this picture amuses us. But what would life without letting go and look what we want. The last thing we miss are the dreams. But, he added, that does not lead us to sanity. 🙂 Good Sunday.

TOP 30 most curious world law

Currently, legislation is seen as a staid field. But like most things in this life, also has its funny and absurd side. This is a list of some of the strangest laws still in force today in the world. After reading, you may have noticed that many of these laws are kept in a symbolic […]