Linux: How To Use RVM to Manage Ruby

Ruby is a very popular programming language that has Ruby on Rails, or RoR, is a popular development framework that allows you to easily get your application up and running with minimal hassle. Developing applications often times requires that you emulate different environments. Different versions of Ruby may be necessary for different projects. With conventional […]

How To Install Ruby on Rails on Linux Mint 17.3

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular application stacks for developers wishing to create sites and web apps. The Ruby programming language, coupled with the Rails development framework, makes app development simple. Since Ruby on Rails doesn’t come in a neatly packaged format, getting the framework installed used to be one of the […]

Problems with rails 3.07 and rake 0.9.0

I’m starting to program with rails, and I decided to work with the latest version of rails. I found the first hurdle: rake rails 0.9.0 to 3.0.7 Apparently Rails 3.0.8.rc1 solve this problem with rake. Finding the solution to these problems, without switching to a release candidate of Rails is Until rails is Rake updated […]