As a social network aid to education

  I saw this article in the Huffington Post about a teacher named Rob Tarrou who makes great YouTube videos that show him teaching math and how these videos have become popular. From the moment I started reading this article I was amazed. I loved the title, “Chalk talk” and how he is literally using […], Microsoft’s bid for give battle in the social networking market

It’s still in beta. You can log in from Windows Live and through an account associated with Facebook. His forte would be in the videos and videoconferencing. Microsoft does not want to fall behind. Over the weekend, the company decided to present, its new venture to battle hard in the social networking market. The site, which is still in beta. This network is similiar Google Plus, which Facebook.According to reports, the new Microsoft product would aim to capture the dynamic nicheof students. With a more visual interface, (which refers to the social word) emphasizes […]

A butterfly effect on social networks

butterfly – by ~dtr777 (devianart) A small girl, a girl. Well known in my community has read a message from Twitter and has caused much fear. The message of less than 100 characters mentioned a mass layoff at a bank where the father works. It was confirmed last night that the news was wrong. The […]