Erases all of Pope tweets.

Benedict XVI Pope longer yesterday, after announcing his resignation 17 days ago. Well, with the vacancy, the account @ Pontifex had been the digital presence of the pontiff was “vacant”. Although it was said that the account would be closed instead chose the Vatican delete all messages sent by the Pope and change the name […]

Natural tweet!!

Photo by :Peter Nijenhuis

Twitter sells advertising in Argentina

The increasing use of social networks in Argentina forced companies like Twitter and Facebook to set focus in the country and begin, slowly, to take their first steps in a market that until now only shows positive signs. In this context and in order to make the most of their important economic flow of users, […]

The 10 most famous women on twitter, @Playbloy according

Social networks are hot. Facebook and Twitter have become an Internet phenomenon, the latter being the most famous was the last time five years of its existence, and has achieved great popularity in various media which have become large Twitter microblogging users. The Playboy magazine , famous for his “bunnies at the Playboy Mansion,” had […]

Historypin, Thousands of old photos Geolocated

      Historypin is another site for the curious, history buffs and those who like to look back and see how it has changed over the years. It uses Google maps to geotag old photographs sent by its users. They already have a large number of photographs that exceed 38000. One of the features […]

A butterfly effect on social networks

butterfly – by ~dtr777 (devianart) A small girl, a girl. Well known in my community has read a message from Twitter and has caused much fear. The message of less than 100 characters mentioned a mass layoff at a bank where the father works. It was confirmed last night that the news was wrong. The […]

Firefox add-ons and extension for play in a Social Network

Flock is a browser which makes social networking more easier than ever bringing to you a host of tools to interact with different social networking websites. Firefox on the other hand is not social networking ready but can be easily converted into a social networking hub by using extensions and add-ons. In this post we […]