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Benedict XVI

Erases all of Pope tweets.

Benedict XVI Pope longer yesterday, after announcing his resignation 17 days ago. Well, with the vacancy, the account @ Pontifex had been the digital presence of the pontiff was “vacant”. Although it was said...

twitter in Argentina

Twitter sells advertising in Argentina

The increasing use of social networks in Argentina forced companies like Twitter and Facebook to set focus in the country and begin, slowly, to take their first steps in a market that until now...

A butterfly effect on social networks

A butterfly effect on social networks

A small girl, a girl. Well known in my community has read a message from Twitter and has caused much fear. The message of less than 100 characters mentioned a mass layoff at a...

Twitter in Outlook

Twitter in OutLook Free

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook and Twitter, and do not want to be shifting from one application to another for use now TwInbox let you. When you install this component, you will create a folder in...

twitter in Argentina

Twitter resources

I have been out searching for more Twitter resources and found the following that may be useful to readers:

Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages

The word of the day today is “Phishing”. It’s sounds like fishing, but instead of using bait to catch smelly swimming fish, you cast your lines (links) and try to catch unsuspecting half-awake people...

Firefox add-ons and extension for play in a Social Network

Firefox add-ons and extension for play in a Social Network

Flock is a browser which makes social networking more easier than ever bringing to you a host of tools to interact with different social networking websites. Firefox on the other hand is not social...