Big Miracle

Between Dolphin Tale and now this – formerly titled Everybody Loves Whales – you might be forgiven for thinking that Greenpeace was sponsoring a few upcoming films, since helping oceanic mammals is everywhere right now. Take a look at the trailer for what is now called Big Miracle over at Apple. Miracle is based on […]

September 11th Tribute.

I have decided to publish this video in memory and tribute to those killed in the 9/11. It was difficult decision. They can find many videos or articles with questions that are still unanswered. You can search this blog and find my opinion. But it will be for another time. Today this video is to […]

Monsanto’s relationship with the U.S. Government

In cables released by Wikileaks this past August, 2011, US diplomats asked the State Department for funding to send biotechnology experts to “target countries” for discussions with high-profile politicians and agricultural officials. The “target countries” include African, Asian and South American countries where genetically modified (GM) agriculture has yet to gain a foothold. Even some […]

Realistic and sustainable urbanism

That the Earth has more land occupied by virgin ecosystem garbage can feel that the only way out is to leave the skyscrapers and return to living in caves. But the application of certain controls could reduce the damage and start again in another direction. But to take measures for the quality of life of […]

Pearl Harbor and other galleries retrospective

The Atlantic has published this interesting collection of photographs of Pearl Harbor during World War II, which can be chronologically before and after the famous Japanese attack on the enclave of the United States in the Pacific. This gallery is part of a complete retrospective in 20 chapters that have big pictures of the time.

My choice of 5 best photos from flickr

The spectacular image of a beam falling on a tree challenges the best special effects and beyond … for real. Something that has earned for more than 530,000 visits.

TOP 30 most curious world law

Currently, legislation is seen as a staid field. But like most things in this life, also has its funny and absurd side. This is a list of some of the strangest laws still in force today in the world. After reading, you may have noticed that many of these laws are kept in a symbolic […]

Georgia O’Keeffe: When the flowers are more beautiful

Is one of the American painter, one of the most celebrated painters of the United States. More than 500 examples of his work is found in more than 100 public collections in Asia, Europe and North and Central America. And because his work was exhibited for the first time in New York in 1916, has […]