How to resize the Unity 2D launcher.

It’s a pretty simple process, just need to edit three files. For those who don’t know Unity-2D uses qt to draw it. So all we need to do is change a few values in the qml files. Unity-2D lives here: /usr/share/unity-2d. The three files we are going to edit are: /usr/share/unity-2d/shell/Shell.qml /usr/share/unity-2d/shell/common/IconTile.qml /usr/share/unity-2d/shell/launcher/LauncherList.qml Shell.qml Find […]

Configuring Unity – Ubuntu

Undoubtedly Unity Gnome 3 and changed our lives. If we return to the old desktop only have to install Gnome Shell and Desktop and selecting Gnome Classic. But as the changes come so far I found it very difficult to configure Gnome 3 or Unity. Luckily myUnity arrives. MyUnity is an independent configurator for Unity, […]

New Ubuntu 11.04 is similar to the philosophy of MacOSX

I was writing and capturing screens when I decided to find notes on Youtube. So you better watch this video.