The 10 definitions of Macri on his next government

After the ballot the president-elects change spoke about the first steps to take after the inauguration on December 10.

In his first press conference held yesterday after the victory in the runoff, Mauricio Macri left some definitions of the guidelines that his government will once assumed command on 10 December.

  1. Human Rights: When asked about whether to continue the trials and repressive policies against gender violence, said “Of course I am committed to both”

  2. AMIA: propose to Congress to repeal the memorandum with Iran, which sought to clarify the bombing of the Jewish center in 1994 because “it did not help to unite the Argentine and show consistent to the world”

  3. Independence of justice and corruption: Macri said that “Justice will have all the freedom that corresponds to do all their work in depth” with “those who committed acts that violate the law” and promised that there would be “impunity his government. “

  4. Interaction with the press: The new government’s change promised to have a “policy of dialogue and transparency” with all the media and providing news conferences.

  5. insecurity and drug trafficking: Declare emergency safety after taking over as president on December 10, because it is “necessary to take control of the territory” in the fight against drug traffickers.

  6. Ernesto Sanz: Confirms that the president of the UCR will not be his Minister of Justice, for problems “purely personal”.

  7. Continuity of Alejandro Vanoli (current president of the Central Bank) and Alejandra Gils Carbó (Attorney General’s Office): Macri reiterated that he expects the head of the Central Bank and the Attorney General’s Office “have the dignity and generosity “to give up their positions.

  8. exchange market: “We have said, the big problem is that Argentina four years ago that does not grow, not creates jobs, why put the country on the move” and in this regard stated that “the exchange lock is wrong “.

  9. Foreign Affairs: “The first official trip want it to be Brazil is our main partner in the future,” he said.

  10. Venezuela: Macri anticipated that in the next Mercosur summit in December, requested that the democracy clause is applied against Venezuela for the “persecution” of opponents and “freedom of expression”.

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