Social networks are hot. Facebook and Twitter have become an Internet phenomenon, the latter being the most famous was the last time five years of its existence, and has achieved great popularity in various media which have become large Twitter microblogging users.

The Playboy magazine , famous for his “bunnies at the Playboy Mansion,” had the brilliant idea to pick the world’s sexiest twitter.

In twitter, with its official count @Playboy verified more than 260,500 fans, I imagine most will be men! (Also present the account @Playboy in TW).

Those chosen by Playboy, are:

Name: Veronica Belmont @_veronica 
Location: San Francisco
Bio: Host of Tekzilla on Revision3 and Qore on PSN.

She is beautiful, intelligent and a lover of technology. He loves to create videos.

Veronica Belmont
Name: Justine @ijustine
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Bio: I am the internet.

Justine Ezarik is a blond, brave, adorable and a master of Twitter. If you do not believe just visit your site, it is also a blogger lover of Apple products.

Name: Olivia Munn @oliviamunn

The cover of Playboy magazine, but also a user of Twitter so earned a spot on this list.

 Olivia Munn

Name: Felicia Day @feliciaday
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Biography: Actress, Gamer, misanthropic.

This porcelain skin actress first appeared in the musical that was broadcast on internet Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Felicia Day


Name: Julia Allison @juliaallison
Location: New York
Bio: Boom Boom Pow

This girl from New York is a surfer since created a blog account of their antics, stories and anything else. It also became a fan of Twitter.

Julia Allison


Name: Alison Haislip @alisonhaislip
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Bio: AOTS rules.

A lover of video games and software this girl is pretty smart.

Alison Haislip
Name: Morgan Webb @morganwebb
Location: Los Angeles
Bio: You may have seen me in shows such as X-Play G4TV.

This dark haired beauty is co-host and producer of the segment of G4 X-Play.

Morgan Webb
Name: @leahculver
Location: San Francisco, California
This blonde was co-founder and leading developer of micro-blogging social network Pownce.

Leah Culver
Name: Sarah Austin @pop17
Location: New York City
Bio: Geek, I’m, I’m more like a nerd.

This girl became very popular with Justin TV live program, Vivacious Sarah Austin, and today makes another program which is called Pop17 at Mogulus.

Sarah Austin
Name: Shira Lazar @shiralazar
Location: Los Angeles
Bio: Entrepreneur

She hosts the program and Open House Look 1st broadcast by NBC.

Shira Lazar

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