States should promote the sport as a way for individuals to practice a physical activity to improve or maintain their health.

It is also a recreation of social ties, where values ​​are transmitted; where bonds of friendship and fellowship regenerate.

Sport also shows teamwork, based on simple rules, people competing for the mere fact of sporting, health and social recreation.

I have nothing against professionalism in sport. But when I see a star of world football collecting about $ 60 million for sponsorship, it turns my stomach.

Income of the star players by sponsor
Income of the star players by sponsor – By John McDuling in

With this simple fact, I have no doubt that what FIFA is doing is driving people away from the sport.

Two teams will go on the playing field. Twenty-two players, the best, to be in suspense passionate fans who eat nails on every play. Perfect! We want to see those impossible moves do for us, made ​​by the magic of our favorite player.

Every minute of Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo on the field costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that makes my guts stir.

In Argentina and Brazil, in the wastelands of the neighborhoods there is a soccer field where the dust of the earth rises with the cold breeze of winter wind.

The boys, fans, play innocently invoking his star when scoring a goal, looking at every play imitate the play of Messi or Cristiano.   Hey, how did it?

The father of this boy earns 0.001% of the income of the stars in Argentina, by the sponsorship of the World Cup.

All known news of social protests in Brazil because of the huge investment made ​​by the Brazilian state to this World Cup.

Activist’s remark that I spent with this Cup could feed malnourished children and his family for four years (the overall rate of malnutrition in Brazil is 7% of the population, according to the World Bank).

And I still upsets your stomach, when I think in South Africa 2010, the state invested 3.7 billion dollars, and asserts the bank Itaú Unibanco Brazil has a budget of 20,600 million for the World Cup.

Some journalists say that figure already doubled. We’ll see at the end.

Rarely, FIFA alongside the State of Brazil organized the event, not showing its budget for the organization, the official FIFA website no information. Note that your domain is com.

A World Cup is a mega event where FIFA promotes business contracts with sponsors of millionaire numbers, with a state that does not attend their major problem is the hunger of people, it stops being a stomach ache and I’m throwing up.

To think that the state of Argentina subsidizes 1,500 million pesos only professional soccer of the First Division.

The swimmer who holds the national record in 100m breaststroke does not receive a single penny of the national state. I have a pain in my head.



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