Anxiety, symptoms of fear and lack of concentration
Anxiety, symptoms of fear and lack of concentration

It all depends on a deficiency in communication areas that regulate negative emotions.

They know their common symptoms: apprehension, fear, difficulty concentrating. And the 2 to 3% of world population suffers from it.

Now a new study appears to have identified the cause. The origin of generalized anxiety disorder is a deficiency of communication between different brain areas, according to the conclusion that specialists IRCCS Medea came to San Vito, in collaboration with the universities of Udine and Verona, Italy.

When these areas do not “talk” to each panic ensues. Zones “observed” by the researchers are controlling the response to stress and negative emotions, located in the right hemisphere of the brain.

“It is known that areas of parietal and posterior corpus callosum in the right hemisphere are involved in social perception and recognition of one’s body in space”, explains Paolo Brambilla, 39, coordinator of the research, published in the journal “Psychological Medicine”. The scientists did, however, a further step, probing the interface between these parts of the brain. “We applied a relatively new methodology that allows studies of connectivity between different brain areas”, says Brambilla.

This research was developed through a session of magnetic resonance imaging, a “snapshot” of the brain in 12 patients and 15 healthy controls. Only patients would have detected this altered connectivity between tissues. The findings may not end there. “We used sequences ‘traditional’, not specifically aimed at research,” says the coordinator. “With more sophisticated sequences, he concludes, we can obtain more accurate data on the origin of this disorder.”

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