The day the world spoke of YPF

The decision of President Cristina Fernandez to expropriate 51% of the assets ofYPF for Spanish Repsol became a focus of the online editions of majorinternational newspapers, which warned of the threat of retaliation against theSpanish government extent. The news showed a greater coverage in the newspapers of the region, but had significant media coverage in the United States.

Agentina seizes YPF, the largest oil company, is the main title the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, which sees the move as a step in the process of state intervention in the economy carried out by the Kirchner administration.
Also as a central theme of his front page on line, the Financial Times titledArgentina nationalizes oil group and argues that President Cristina Fernandezignored the outrage that the measure caused the government of Mariano Rajoy.

In Europe, the BBC broadcast the announcement of the President with the titled: The Argentine government decided to expropriate the oil company YPF mainnews of the online version of the British portal.
In Spain, El Pais said that Repsol YPF Argentina expropriates and warns thatthe Spanish authorities the decision breaks the spirit of friendship between the two countries.

In a similar line the conservative newspaper ABC reports that Rajoy preparesstrong action against Argentina for a measure that considers hostile and terrible.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian newspaper Folha indicated in the headline: Argentine government takes control of Spanish oil and highlights what Cristina said public utility to declare the company YPF.
Re-nationalization of YPF was Argentina hostile decision underlines its value in online edition, which echoes the deep unease with which the Spanish government received the announcement of Cristina Fernandez.

Another Brazilian newspaper, O Globo reported that Kirchner hasrenationalization law for YPF.

In turn, the newspaper El Universal of Mexico announced that the government of Felipe Calderon ready position in dispute Spain-Argentina by YPF and notes that the Minister of Economy of the country, Bruno Ferrari, ruled that the progress of the continent must be based on economic integration and open trade, notprotectionism and nationalization.

Uruguay’s El Pais headlined the Argentine government decided to expropriatethe oil company YPF, while Chile’s La Tercera wrote: Cristina Fernandezannounced project for the expropriation of 51% of YPF oil company, under the guidance Conflict Repsol-YPF.

The Chilean newspaper also completed several news information concerning the future position of the government of Sebastián Piñera regarding theexpropriation of YPF, Spain’s position and issued an opinion from the EuropeanCommission warns Argentina that the expropriation of YPF will consequences.
Another Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio also devoted space to the subject andreported that Cristina Fernandez sent to Congress to expropriate YPF projectand that the Spanish Government claims that Argentina will give an appropriate response.

 La Razón Digital  in Bolivia noted that the Argentine government initiative states that 49% of the company will be distributed between provinces.
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