San Martin
San Martin

Today we commemorate the death of one of the greatest men of our history, Don Jose Francisco de San Martin. Strange and sad culture our own, we commemorate the deaths and is celebrated on that extraordinary day when be came to this world to fulfill their missions.

This would be a sort of unauthorized biography of the Saint of the Sword. To my mind, obviously. Born in Yapeyú, when he was 7 his family moved to Spain. He began his military career serving the Spanish army, but did not hesitate to drop everything and return to their country when it needed it.

At first all looked askance, obliquely, saying, “Mmm. this Galician me a bad feeling, is it not a double agent? But they immediately realized that his suspicions were unfounded.

His dream was that his country was free and sovereign. The first step was to liberate Chile and Peru of the Goths (as she called the Spanish). But that had to cross the Andes. The project seemed to everyone else crazy, and nobody put a lot of chips.

Consider that at that time was San Martin San Martin who is now. Nor had invented the cans or tetra-brik or impermeable clothing or snowshoes, or nylon, or aircraft, or GPS, not to mention communications, or to ENTEL had, then how to carry out such an enterprise and survive in the attempt?

I suppose that with courage, courage, determination and faith in the elements. At that time San Martin was not a hero modeled in bronze, but a man with dreams of freedom, with a purpose and a lot of courage, but surely with uncertainties, flaws, weaknesses and foibles. In short, as any of us.

Finally he succeeded, he crossed the Andes and fulfilled his dream of liberating their homeland. In return they received a complaint conspirator who forced him into exile abroad, the same country that did so much and loved so much.

Not scrawled his page in history with a marker made in China with little ink, but it was one of the men who wrote our history with glory, honor, with lyrics neat and clear. A true role model. His remains rest at the side of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, not inside that belonged to a Masonic logic implies excommunication and your body can not rest in consecrated places. In short, silly and unfair peculiarities details of which are capable of.

The important thing is that big was when the sun shone and much bigger at the sunset of their sun.

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