The information age and its garbage

The digital divide is a barrier between the people that have access to modern technology and the people that have little or no access to this technology. Most commonly used in relation to access to the internet. The definition of the digital divide can also include e-waste which is the problem of the physical waste of old computer and technology equipment being thrown out as waste. A lot of the times the e-waste is sent from high tech countries as ‘donations’ to impoverisher countries. Most of the computers sent there are very out dated or need to be repaired and the people of these countries are unable to do so. Some of the people in these poorer countries like Ghana do not even have electricity. So all of this equipment ends up in sort of junk yard wastelands that include water sources and near peoples homes. People collect this waste, melt it down or break it apart to get the metals that come from the computer components. These parts are all being melted without any protection for their skin or lungs. So some of these people and their children are breathing in toxic fumes everyday. Also some of these toxic materials end up in the rivers or potential water sources in the areas that they are dumped.

This is very wrong for countries and companies to be allow to dump their waste (lots of the time very toxic) in other impoverish countries that they think could use the waste in a good way. With technology changing very rapidly the physical hardware of the technology is changing all the time and people buy or upgrade their hardware (sometimes every year). This creates large amounts of waste that could be recycled or used else where. It is not just people that are upgrading or getting new hardware, companies, schools, and the government are constantly upgrading their technology as it changes. I think with the world becoming more populated everyday there needs to be more laws on waste and recycling to help the environment and people.

The Digital Divide and Where We Are Today

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