The Most Common Microsoft Outlook Express Errors and Their Solutions

Microsoft Outlook Express is just one convenient way of sending and receiving emails and with online communication being a popular trend and also an important medium of communication these days, it is important to keep your outlook express free from errors.

Nothing is perfect which is why these types of applications also experience errors. It is nothing big and not something to be really worried about because these kinds of errors are usually small errors that can easily be fixed. A list of the most common problems Microsoft Outlook Express users experience are below and also the solutions to these types of errors:

1. Problem: Sluggish Performance

Not really much of a big deal but it can really be annoying if the progress of the applications eats up a lot of time just to load. This usually happens because the Microsoft Windows Messenger is also running.


Since this is a simple problem, the solution is also easy. Just go to the tools menu and look for the options sub-menu. Look to see if the option to automatically sign on to Windows Messenger is checked. If it is, uncheck it and see if there is any change with the performance of the application.

2. Problem: Not receiving emails

Check first whether you are able to send emails but unable to receive them. In that case, your domain is just probably full and is running out of free space. You may have too many emails stored in your inbox, sent items or other folders.


Delete the unnecessary emails in your folders so that you can increase the disk space in your account. You will notice that you will start receiving emails again.

3. Problem: Error 0x800420CB

This is a common error that disables you from opening an email which is caused by corrupt.dbx files which is used by the Microsoft Outlook Express application.


To solve this, there are a series of steps to take and follow. Go to the tools menu, click on accounts, select the mail tab option and check the duplicate mail account and select the remove option. Keep doing this until all the duplicate emails are removed. If this does not solve the problem, use the search application of your computer and look for the Outbox.dbx file and then rename it.

4. Problem: Emails cannot be deleted

This happens when the folder for deleted items get corrupted. This occurs when you delete a message but a copy of it goes to the folder of deleted items.


Transfer the messages to another folder then look for the deleted items.dbx file, you can locate this by configuring your windows settings in order to see some hidden files. Delete this and try again to erase the messages.

There are actually other errors but these are just some of the most common. If there are other errors, just remember that the key to finding the solution for it is to first identify the root of the problem.

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