Why nobody is encouraged to say no to the best player in the world.

Being more than Messi, not encouraging himself to say no to the genius of this fantastic game, is a real problem that directly affects the National Team and also Leo himself.

It generates curiosity to know if nobody dares to propose counterpoints because everyone already knows and is warned that Leo does not accept them. Or because, in reality, they imagine that he will not accept them and, to avoid a distancing from genius, they do not mark the differences. Then, all around them, or almost all of them, act according to what they suppose and / or interpret of their gestures and attitudes.

Jorge Sampaoli fell in love with Messi. And it’s very good It is logical. Any coach, any football fan, is caught by the magnetism of such a crack, one of the best in history. “Messi’s team,” said the coach a while ago. It was subordinated in a total way, so much that it started the World Cup with a team that left its “tastes aside”, according to the same Sampaoli declared before Iceland.

The drawback is that the selection, more protected from the middle back, with a line of four, with Biglia and Mascherano, as Messi liked best, and then with Banega instead of Milan’s blond, it did not work. Argentina was played and Sampaoli also. Now it seems that the DT armed a team in its own way, with three defenders, without Red, without Biglia and without Di Maria. What if it’s already late?

He asks himself and asks himself, but nobody knows what the dialogue between Sampaoli and Messi is like. Oiled, sure. The 10 until received the DT in his house. He is the technician he preferred. The unknown refers to football. They talk a lot about the game, but how far the degree of consultation reaches. Messi asks for one or another player? It’s not supposed to. Sampaoli listens to Messi and, according to his looks that are not requested, arms the team to have him happy? Even before Iceland, it is not ruled out. To what extent does Sampaoli tell Messi: “Look, Leo, this is not the case, what’s best for you and the national team?” Only Sampaoli and Messi know.

With colleagues, something similar happens. Except the “small table” (Mascherano, Aguero, Biglia, Guzman, Di Maria, Banega, Rojo) and not so much, not too many are encouraged to approach him with absolute naturalness. It’s not Messi’s fault. The admiration is so much that when asked Gabriel Mercado if he had said something to try to remotely after the penalty that was cut against Iceland, River defender returned: “How can I say something to Messi if he kicked a thousand penalties and scored a thousand goals? Who am I to go tell him something? ” It is nothing more and nothing less than a companion. Too much admiration.

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