And sent 271 million messages per day. Is the cell phone service more popular. In the country exploded in 2004 and since then grows at an annual rate of between 20 and 25%. People use it because it is faster and cheaper than talk.



The SMS, the short message, written, sent from cell to cell, has two decades andalready used 4 billion people around the world. In Argentina the initial developmentwas slow, but then exploded. In recent years the growth, although somewhat less, is maintained at a rate of between 20 and 25%.

According to the latest official data published by INDEC, the Argentine 40 million users send 271 million messages per day: on average each user sends 7 SMS daily.While the agency says there are 57 million cell phones “in service”,telecommunications specialists say that many of these lines are inactive and, moreover, about 15% of users are between 2 and 3 phones per capita.

The traditional mail service is the most popular and mass of all the cell phoneprovided.

In the daily life of people had a big impact. The experts say that this is the greatest invention of all those who followed him in communication.

Its growth exploded in 2004, when at home the saThe tendency of the SMS is indisputable, even if you have other options: chat servicesby social networks are expanding thanks to smartphones. Aufranc is one of the left andthe numeric keypad, QWERTY was passed to send WhatsApp and through hundreds of messages per day. “What once wrote in a minute now I do it in 30 seconds,” hesays.
Juan Ignacio Aufranc was 16 when in 2002 he bought his first cell. “A KyoceraPhantom where I spent my life savings,” he says. Soon, when the service beganmasificarse exponentially, even sent 400 messages per day. In 2009 he won a national championship SMS at Luna Park, where he achieved the record type 80 characters in 54 seconds. In January 2010 participated in the international competitionin New York and took third place.

According to the INDEC, in that year were 667.9 million SMS, today that figure is 12 times higher: 8,135 million. The Agency official and cell phone companies agree that the annual growth of SMS is located between 20 and 25%. And ensure that the average daily shipment of Argentina “is higher than other countries in the region andthe world.”

Experts say that people choose because it is effective, precise, short, fast and cheaper than talking on a cellphone: it costs from just under 1 cent, if you order a pack of 3,000SMS onwards, up to $AR 2 with card (prepaid) and without recharge promotions.”This short communication of the tweet few characters (the maximum is 160 SMS and Twitter, 140) to handle the information more accurate, without delay,” says AlejandroPrince, a consultancy Prince & Cooke.


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