Suspicion -ELISHA ONGERE - Contemporary African Oil PaintingsELISHA ONGERE's Contemporary African Oil Paintings
Suspicion -ELISHA ONGERE – Contemporary African Oil Paintings 

Hello … I suspect, eldest that injustice has long been living in Argentina and although not born here in this country I feel very comfortable.

I have a very nice house and I have a cat inside enclosed why is it that something smells bad?

I’m hardly ever at home, but if they find there are places I frequent whenever I’m in prison charged in the last minute, the counting of votes in an election, in cases where politicians are involved and in any place where a corrupt.

If you have trouble recognizing not hurry, take a good look, I’m the only one with a black hand.
I have many enemies, but the worst is the complaint, but my luck never comes the PROOF, I can not forget my mom and dad bribery CORRUPTION, my creators.

Finally, I live in this country until people who live here are mostly honest with themselves.
When no longer justified for every bad action, when they stop judging politicians with the rod of his own convenience.

When each of them has the right to teach their children, honesty, sacrifice, solidarity, humility, so that they can understand that a country is a reflection of its people.

We live in a country where everything is under suspicion, the same justice that should manterense immune seems to be part of all this confusion of doubt and suspicion.

Case: Arms sales to Ecuador and Croatia.
Case: Bomb to the Amia.
Case: Children of Noble Herrera
Case: Fábrica Militar de Río Tercero ( Factory explision in military manufactures)
Case: Ricardo Jaime 
Case: Bribes in the Senate

Some of these causes are more than 15 years without resolution.

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