The U.S. Court refused to treat the case of Argentina by vulture funds

With this ruling, the case returns to court Griesa Judge who had ruled in favor of groups of bondholders.

The Supreme Court of the United States rejected a request from Argentina to intervene in the trial between the country and holdouts and review adverse decisions of first and second instance requiring the payment of 1,330 million, reported this morning U.S. trade media .

The maximum American judicial tribunal had met in Washington on Thursday and postponed until today the official communication on its determination, which was unfavorable to Argentine interests, although in the last hours had gained strength version that the Court would request a review the new Obama administration.

With this decision, the only unfavorable against two other more beneficial for Argentina could have adopted the Court, Argentina would have to pay before June 30 about 1,330 million to bondholders in default.

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Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, announced on national TV that talk about this topic at 20:00. local

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