The Unicorn we did not get

It represents one of the most mysterious animals through the ages has been glorified in folk tales, songs and poems for centuries and remains one of the great “unsolved mysteries” of the world.

Despite the widespread belief in its existence, no records exist on its actual sighting in centuries, taking different forms that vary in different continents, such as the popular Eastern image of the unicorn contained in Chinese folklore is very different to the popular Western image of a beautiful white horse, bearing if such common relationship, the fact of having a single horn in the center of his forehead.

Note. It is a reflection at the end. This is a symbol that means that I let out or not treasures found in life.

Song : Mi unicornio Azul – Silvio Rodriguez

Lyrics Translation

My blue unicorn, I lost yesterday,

let it pasture and disappeared.

any information or I will pay.

flowers left

I have wanted to talk.

My blue unicorn

I lost yesterday,

I do not know if I was,

I do not know if lost,

and I have no more

that a blue unicorn.

if anyone knows of him,

I beg details

hundred thousand or a million

I will repay.

my blue unicorn

I’ve lost yesterday


My unicorn and I

we became friends,

a little love,

a little truth.

with its indigo horn

caught a song,

knowing share

was his vocation.

My blue unicorn

I lost yesterday,

and may appear

perhaps an obsession,

but I have no

that a blue unicorn

and though he had two

I only want one.

any information

the promissory note.

my blue unicorn

I’ve lost yesterday


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