We are all equal, Muslim, Jew, Christian or Buddhist

Yesterday I was in a heated discussion about the Arabs.
In Argetina, in recent times, we take the concept that those who practice religion or mulsumana from the Near East that are unscrupulous and they hate us.

Argentina, long before 9-11 was an attack on a Jewish Mutual in 1994. They say that this attack was the result of people related to the Iranian government, more local people who helped.

Unfortunately, little I can do to make this hatred between the Arab world and we the “Western” let the problems that our parents and grandparents left us.

If you are, Muslim, Jew, Christian or Buddhist and believe in peace, and only together we can leave our children a better world is counting on me.
If I offend you, sorry. I just want to help, because I need you. We both happen to live in this time in this blessed planet.


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