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She traveled 11 days from Venezuela to give birth in Córdoba, Argentina

An eight-month-old pregnant, Marjory Campos, climbed into a collective to leave her country. “There you do not live, you survive. Here you can get diapers, milk,” he said.

Marjory Campos, with her newborn baby in the city of Córdoba

An eight-month-old pregnant, Marjory Campos, a 34-year-old Venezuelan, decided to travel 11 days in a bus to settle in Córdoba and have her baby in the city.

“I could not come by plane because it is very difficult to buy air tickets without an international card or without dollars in hand. And getting dollars in Venezuela is an impossible mission”, said the woman.

Campos, who was the mother of Enzo Luciano at the Materno Neonatal Hospital, reported that her decision to settle in Cordoba was mainly because she wanted her son to have all his basic needs met: “It was easier for me to start here than in a country where You do not know anyone My sister Melanny lives with my brother-in-law in Pueyrredón neighborhood, for 2 years. In addition, I want Enzo to grow free, with all his basic needs covered, with growth in peace, without so much stress or pressure. ”

The woman said that in Cordoba “you can get diapers, milk, medicines and vaccines. Living here is cheaper than in Buenos Aires. Besides, life is quieter. ”

Consulted about how she sees Venezuela, she says she feels a great sadness: “I do not think they will leave in case there is a change soon. It’s going to take time to get better. ”

He added that the boy’s father, an Argentine, will arrive in the province as soon as he can leave Venezuela: “I hope the father can arrive soon and give him the surname. It was not difficult for me to leave despite the marches made every day. Women do not ask us much. However, men control them a lot. ”

“I would only visit Venezuela again and when this situation has passed. There you do not live, you survive”, he finished.

The story of this Venezuelan woman was broadcast by Cadena 3, Radio of the Capital of Cordoba, by the journalist Celeste Benecchi.

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