Trips that were tragedies

A girl fell into the water from a cliff in Florianópolis and groom umped into the sea to help her. She died and drowned him still look for lifeguards. In another beach in the same city, a young man also died after being swept away by a wave.

Two Argentine tourists who vacationed in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, drowned and one – third remains of saparecido . A young , 19 , died at sea on Monday , while bathing on a beach with a group of friends. In a separate episode, Argentina on Sunday passed a tourist, 25 , was killed after falling from a cliff between the beaches of Guarda do Embaú and Pinheira . Her boyfriend , 23, who had been thrown into the sea to rescue her, remains missing and is wanted by the lifeguards .

Emanuel Orozco had traveled from Córdoba with five friends to spend the last half of January in the capital of the state of Santa Catarina , southern Brazil . However, Monday afternoon was swept away by the sea about 500 meters.

One of his friends , Juan Cruz, would have rescued along with lifeguards . After 40 minutes where he tried to revive the teenager Rioja , residing in the neighborhood Evita died just after 20.

Mary Virgina , the boy’s mother , said her son had returned yesterday to La Rioja. A person close to the family , meanwhile , said that “parents are traveling to Brazil to bring the body ” boy .

Orozco was well known in Rioja’s capital because he acted in local theater troupes . Before traveling , he had enrolled in the National University of La Rioja to pursue university studies. The boy’s father , Walter Orozco, and mother are also recognized because they own the transport of passengers Orozco Travel.

The day before, around 1630 , between the beaches of Pinheira and Guarda do Embaú , Vanina Mariel Soto died drowned after falling from a rock where he was sitting with her boyfriend, Nahuel Aguero, and a group of Argentines. The force of the waves against the cliff made ​​the young fall into the sea.

” The sea was angry and struck nearby. She probably was carried by a wave, ” Atilio Diniz estimated Zanini , who works at the local Battalion Fire Services . “People can take photos on the cliffs , is very close to the sea and get these accidents , which are very common in the summer,” said Zanini Diniz .

Lifeguards managed to rescue the girl and tried to revive her, but she had already died. At the same time , her boyfriend was lost at sea when trying to help her threw . Firefighters found them yet .

The Argentine consul in Florianópolis, Alexandre Verdier, remained in contact with officials of the Fire Department and the Civil Police on alert for news of missing youth . Meanwhile, in the afternoon yesterday , the families of the victims were arriving to the city to recognize the bodies.

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