The increasing use of social networks in Argentina forced companies like Twitter and Facebook to set focus in the country and begin, slowly, to take their first steps in a market that until now only shows positive signs.

In this context and in order to make the most of their important economic flow of users, Twitter, the social network of 140 characters, finally decided to start commercial operations in Argentina.

Through the company’s Internet Media Services (IMS), the microblogging network will offer, starting this week, the possibility of advertising in your local platform.

“Within Latin America, Argentina considers that IMS is one of the most important countries in the region. The country has a high level of use of Twitter, and a sophisticated audience in usage of social media”, said Maren Lau, Vice President of Corporate Development of IMS.

IMS will be responsible for all sales market in Latin America, except for operations in Brazil, which will be handled by Twitter directly.

Brazil is the Latin American country that has more Twitter users. In Argentina use is lower, but still significant.

What is the cost of the standard advertising? Lau said he promoted accounts and promoted tweets “are products of auction, bringing the price may vary.”

For promoted trends, there is a fixed price per day is U.S. $ 8,000. “The minimum investment to advertise on Twitter in Argentina is U.S. $ 4,000 per month. The guidelines may include any combination or distribution of the three products that the advertiser wanted”, said Lau.

Currently, Twitter has more than 140 million active users per month. Latin America represents over 15% of those users. The region is one of the fastest growing and is “strategic” for the social network.

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