U2 Live -Argentina

After two years of turning the world, the Irish band U2 closed its colossal success in Canada, “360 Tour,” which earned a record revenue of over $ 700 million, the largest in history, surpassing the Rolling Stones.

While not yet have final figures, Liz Morentin, a spokesman for Live Nation Entertainment production company said that revenue exceeded that figure.

According to Billboard specialized site, U2 won $ 736 million and a total audience of 7.3 million people. “Both figures are the highest ever recorded by Billboard”, the magazine said.

En St. Paul, por ejemplo, la gira de “la garra” rompió el récord de 558 millones de dólares recaudados por los Rolling Stones en la gira. El cuarteto irlandés se cerró el 13 de abril en la ciudad brasileña de su gira por América del Sur, después de visitar Chile y Argentina, donde los conciertos fueron vistos por más de 180 mil personas. Después de que la banda tocó en el estadio Azteca en México. Allí, el 14 de mayo, hizo el programa más visto de la gira, con 108.800 seguidores, como Live Nation detallada.

The stunning musical and visual spectacle, which opened June 30, 2009 in Barcelona with a tribute to Michael Jackson died five days earlier,” saw U2 play in 110 concerts to more than 7.1 million fans in 30 countries on five continents.

The group led by Bono, a champion in the fight for human rights and against poverty, gave his last show on Saturday in Moncton, eastern Canada.

The tour was briefly suspended last year and their U.S. dates postponed because Bono had to undergo an emergency operation in Germany after suffering partial paralysis in one leg.

U2 has recorded 12 studio albums, sold over 150 million albums worldwide and won 22 Grammy Awards.

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