Ubuntu 16.04 LTS  Xenial Xerus takes several months between us and since its launch a few things have changed for the better: the system has largely stabilized and some of the most annoying bugs have been solved via update.

But there is one in particular that does not progress and respect to excessive memory consumption.

For my part, I had not heard of the problem until I saw the complaint Reddit and followed up that looks like the bug in question, confirmed high priority and still unassigned.

Then I checked and indeed, it is not normal for a newly booted system takes 1GB of RAM or more, especially when running is what is the default, and most especially when it has never happened something similar.

I did not learn because my computer works well for power and although I check in periodically consumption, I do not care if much or little brand that the system will always fluid and respond to peak loads.

And it does. But it seems that those with less powerful hardware are not getting along so well. As you can read in the linked report, there is everything from the start the browser and start making use of the swap, until it reaches the collapse.

Of course we talk about computers with 2-4 GB of RAM.

I can not believe that it is a serious error that affects equally to everyone because I have not seen just critical about it, but as I say it is a fact that I have checked and that according to the comments, also affect Ubuntu GNOME.

In other words, it would be related to the implementation of GNOME that perform both distros. So I ask ye those running Ubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME (16.04, also 16.04.1), can you confirm that?

But I have not finished. I’ll drop a little complaints, knowing that you know, redundant, that I’m very happy with the performance of Xenial Xerus. However, beyond me some odd jobs with which gives the feeling that Ubuntu developers are satisfied.

First, load the session with GNOME Software, it is true that improves the terrible experience with software center that dragged the distro so far, but …

Tip: Seek “Start applications” on the board and disability GNOME autostart Software. Simulation simulation when you need it and update by hand.

And it appears they are 60-70 MB, but it should not be, or not constantly. In fact, my advice would be complete uninstall and wear the terminal or Synaptic, but I understand that for most new users can be an annoyance.

And what about the processes of Evolution, when Evolution is not even installed? And it’s not easy to get rid of it. Yes, they are there to make life easier for the user and they are dependencies that to some extent (only to some extent) are normal in a desktop based on GNOME, and the day you arrive Unity 8 will disappear mostly.

That said, I calm down because I see sending to hell and installing Ubuntu Linux Mint at this very moment, and no plan (end everywhere they boil beans). Excuse the outburst.

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