Unusual: It has 50 children by two wives, sister and the mother of his wife

The unusual case occurred in Brazil, the man and has 100 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren, “The best thing God did in the world was a woman,” said the old man

Luiz Costa de OliveiraA retired farmer, aged 90, called Luiz Costa de Oliveira, had 50 children the fruit of their union with two wives, his sister and her mother in the northern Brazilian state Rio Grande do Norte.

It all started when Oliveira, a native of the municipality of Campo Grande, lost his first wife, with whom he had 17 offspring, revealed the Journal of Natal. After the death of his fellow officers, joined Oliveira Maria Francisca da Silva, 65, who helped in raising children and with whom he had another 17 children.

Mary’s sister Frances and sister of the farmer, Ozelita, he frequented the marital home to help out with household chores and began to be intimate Oliveira also the fruit of the other 15 children were born.

A peculiar situation is compounded by the mother of two women, Maria Francisca, 89, who is another descendant Oliveira.

A total of 33 children with his wife, sister and mother in addition to the 17 he already had from his first marriage, although not all survived.

“The best thing God did in the world was the women,” said the old man, already has 100 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren.

Oliveira said that could have more children “out there” without knowing, because I always liked female company. “I can not say the name of the whole world, but I know I have many children and grandchildren scattered,” said Oliveira, who is divided between two houses for his large family.

Despite his advanced age, Oliveira, who does not smoke or drink for 40 years, enjoys an enviable health, feels no discomfort or pain and ensures miss his days of farming in the garden.


What would you do with 50 kids?, To me sometimes my two children torment me.Photo: Diario de Natal

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