Nothing changed, everything remains the same (bad). After the metrodelegados (subway union) received no calls waiting in the city government to solve their labor claims, decided to keep the subway stop, now come the tenth consecutive day. Again, citizens are hostages of a chaotic situation and collapsed.

On a war footing. “We will not let trample our rights,” was one of the premises of the metrodelegados, represented by Roberto Pianelli and Nestor Segovia. MetrovĂ­as employees had said they would expect a call-that-never until midnight to define the situation.

“We are not anything different from what others have guilds of the City of Buenos Aires. We have an agreement made in 1994 that represents the bare minimum,” said Pianelli. According to workers, among the orders are an extension of two days holiday, payment of long illnesses treatment of children adoption leave and ten days off for personal business (of which five must be paid).

Also added that on Friday were close to reaching an agreement: “We agreed on a proposal that the money was in the background. Then suspended. Appeared a black hand, a pay God, an agreement that is not going to pay because the company is insolvent, “said Pianelli.

For his part, Minister of Interior and Transportation, Florencio Randazzo, blamed the head of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, by prolonging the strike, calling it an “irresponsible.”

And the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, it does nothing to solve the problem. He attributes this problem to national government action wears out its aspirations for president.

Whatever it is, politics is getting tired of the population. For attitudes and lack of ability to solve a problem, seen from the outside is simple to fix.

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