Venezuela, Cuba colony?

Taking advantage of the exhaustion of Venezuelan society and the weakness of its president, Fidel Castro has made ​​Venezuela a colony brutally used and exploited, which reaches its height with the retention of our president in the capital of Cuba.

Slowly but relentlessly, Fidel Castro has taken away the independence and become, in effect, a colony of Cuba. Strategic decisions, and control of the armed forces and security organs of the Venezuelan state has passed to Cuba’s dictators. The delivery was done by force. Quite the contrary has been financed with funds from the Venezuelan national treasure and has been compliant with the complicity of our president and some leaders of our Armed Forces, those who had sworn to defend with their lives for their country and its institutions.

The name of our republic and key institutions have been distorted with evil intent by adding the word “Bolivarian” with the crafty purpose is to make believe that they are putting into practice the ideas of the Father when the country is doing the exact opposite. The grounds and provisions of our Constitution have been violated. The president’s party has taken over the State and manages the public finances as their personal assets. The Armed Forces have become a docile instrument of a political party. The State media, created to serve society, are exclusive use of the PSUV and are used not to inform but to insult and humiliate the other citizens. And so on.

Both offense to the conscience and national honor have been concealed behind two attractive falsehoods: love for the poor and inclusive of Bolivar’s dream in Spanish. That coverage has been used by the new plunderers of the country, but the real goal has been to deliver national sovereignty to a foreign country. The two fallacies are exposed. Over the last dozen years the poor have become poorer and has robbed her dignity by subjecting them to live like dogs, the scraps that fall from the feast in which they live heads the ruling party. The dream that was made is not that of Bolivar but that of Fidel Castro. Within the ALBA Venezuela has become a colony of the Empire Cuba. The money of all Venezuelans, without authorization and without flow control to finance the Communist empire of Fidel. If that money was used wisely for neat and democratic governments, Venezuela would be a gold cup and extreme poverty had disappeared.

Our constitution does not include the words socialism or communism in his text as the state’s political system. The socialist and communist proposals made by the president in the 2007 referendum were clearly rejected by the Venezuelan people with the support of the Armed Forces, who refused to support the president in his intention to ignore that mandate citizen. But the Venezuelan money is a national security issue for Cuba. Their real dilemma is “Oil or Death.” No Venezuelan petrodollars his ruined dictatorship would collapse. Therefore, the tyrant of the island ordered his pupil to make a new referendum to extend his stay in the government and thereby ensure that the money would still Venezuelans to Cuba. By the overwhelming weight of the state and rude use of public resources, more obedience to the electoral branch, was approved this proposal essentially anti-democratic.

But that was not enough. For the gap in re-election, Fidel put his communist Trojan horse. Fidel’s pupil was instructed to act as if the voters had rejected the constitutional reform approved in 2007. The country, exhausted and depressed, was not able to withstand the monstrous outrage, comparable only to Hitler applied to overcome the German people in the thirties.

This is how Fidel has gone ahead with his dream, with Venezuela as the main colony and the ALBA as the set of his empire.

At the height of insult to our nation have come with the virtual kidnapping of our president in Cuba seriously ill, the Venezuelan negándosenos health information, as if we were infants without qualification to find a truth that can only know their elders: Fidel Raul. The weak administrators who were left in command of the Venezuelan state allegedly acting on orders imparted by the President of Venezuela from his sickbed, when citizens have every reason to suspect that the President is unable to exercise the office. The suspension of the summit on Margarita in CECLAC, and absence from Campo de Carabobo attest to this fact.

Clearly the more or less covert domain that Fidel Castro has had on Venezuela, has become outrageous and unacceptable to the retention is our president. Tomorrow in this space, we will make a concrete proposal on what should be the reaction of Venezuelan citizens to the subjugation of our country to the status of Cuban colony. This proposal will be a first step will be peaceful and civic RESISTANCE to demonstrate their opposition to the abusive home delivery of the Venezuelan cubanos.Los can not continue to accept humiliation and desfueros. The July 5 has become a date of mourning for Venezuelans.

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This publication may not reflect my opinion. Just say it’s interesting to try this point of view on relations between Cuba and Venezuela, and its impact on Latin America.
The source of the article is ”Puesto de Combate” (

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