Video-stickers and other news arrive in the new Telegram update

And in the one that has just been launched, among all the novelties included, the arrival of video-stickers stands out, and what is better, allowing their creation to almost anyone interested, without the need to be a creative person with the appropriate tools, such as Adobe Illustrator.

On a specific page , they point out that the video-stickers or videostickers are based on the open source video format .WebM, compatible with many graphic editors. To create video stickers, all you need is video editing software capable of exporting videos in .WebM format with an alpha channel.

In addition, it must not exceed 512 pixels per side, nor last more than three seconds, nor have audio, without exceeding 256 KB in size, and must also have a transparent layer, playable in a loop, in addition to being in encoded .WebM format with the VP9 codec.

The steps and other details are listed on that page .

And more, despite being a minor update

Continuing with the rest of the novelties of this version, it has improved reactions, with more compact animations, being synchronized so that all users can see their animations in real time.

Likewise, this version comes with 5 new reactions, and whose emojis can also be shared as interactive emojis, generating a synchronized full-screen effect after pressing them.

On the other hand, it brings an improvement in navigation so that users can navigate between the most recent chat conversations, where it is enough to press and hold the “Back” option to go back to a specific chat. They add that opening chats “from forwarded messages, links, usernames, profiles, etc. add them to the list.

And finally, the usual bug fixes typical of any update have been done, with improvements to call quality, also bringing translation options for Quick View pages (and bios on iOS), and more.

The new version was released for all users, first reaching iOS and those who downloaded the APK from the website to take it to their Android devices, and hours later for the rest of the users through the Google Play Store.

More information: Telegram

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