War of Internet: the old economy

Bag Of Money By: OCAL

Bag Of Money By: OCAL

The combination of Piracy-# STOPSOPA-Taringa!-CUEVANA-Megaupload-Anonymous-FBI hiding something even more difficult to read fluently. a war of the worlds that has exploded this year and that Argentina is not safe.

Would be: a civilization with its rules minted, centuries and centuries, for better or for worse, poses a threat to a young “virtual world” that expresses a monstrous influence in today’s global society.

After living together nearly three decades of more or less in symbiotic harmony between the two areas, now appear to have broken.

The virtual world, expanding over the Internet, with its impressive gains amassed in a context of freedom without absolute rules, with movable paradigms and without limitation, marked the course of this century. Perhaps in ancient times, the traditional world was like. Someone invented an ax and the rest said “like” one day a person set the fire and everyone started to “follow”.

The traditional world, however, is less attractive today. Strict and without adventure. Shows signs of obsolescence in their structures, social and economic dilemmas depletion and poverty, at first glance, are unsolvable.

But attention, is still “real”, “old”, “father”. And as such, may have decided that now is the time to put things in place.

The pattern of money

The pattern value both worlds share is the “money”. This is perhaps the weakest point of the utopia of a “free Internet”. It happens that money is one of the oldest and most births loved by the traditional world. And, apparently, is not willing to take out ending it without a fight. Maybe when the virtual world, which some interpret as “new” –  achieve coining its own “currency value” can change the power relationship.

Meanwhile, the expected independence of the virtual world is like child’s play to which he celebrates and supports. Provided that there is a place without profaning: the rules to make money.

Apparently, this war is not so much a matter of philosophy, as some interpret, but specific elements such as land, water and fire. The fourth element is called money ..

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