War of the Tech Worlds

Android Vs iPhone
Facebook Vs Google Plus
Chromebook Vs iPad2
Firefox Vs Chrome
iCloud Vs Google Apps Vs other Cloud providers

Now, isn’t there supposed to be a company called Microsoft in this list?

In the other news, Microsoft moved its Office suite into cloud and calls it Office 365, a move which its own employees fear will reduce the profit of the company. And it’s trying to catch up in a long lost race by developing Mango for Windows phones. I doubt if it would ever come in the league of Android and iPhone. Moreover, Mango is said to have a great new feature, searching using voice, which has been in Android for the past one year. So atleast the first release of Mango will only be an inclusion of the features that are forming the trend in today’s market. The only other news involving Microsoft recently is some lawsuits involving patents and copyright infringements. I don’t know if Microsoft is running out of options or something but someone needs to tell them that their dominance in Operating Systems might soon be tested. But as we know, they have ruled the market for decades and it is only a matter of time and thought before they bounce back into business.

Talk about Google, you can say they are doing one thing very consistently- innovation. It’s as if they can read through people’s minds. They touch the right areas and it reflects back in the areas they want. They promote young developers more than any other tech giant has. They make the best use of open source and encourage the developers to code using their API. This is one of the important reasons why Android soared to the peak within a year of its release, with the number of apps all set to overtake the number of apps for iPhone, it’s arch rival. Google is all about creativity and innovation. If I ever were given an opportunity to choose where I want to work among the tech giants, I’d choose Google.

While Google excels in creativity, Apple simply does one thing- trendsetting. People were mad about iPod when it was first released, and soon other companies tried to compete with it and failed. And then we had the iPhone. Apple was one of the first companies to invest much in phones, knowing how much they mean to people. The iPad threw away the conventional keyboard and mouse. I heard that someone in US sold his kidney to buy an iPad2. Only then I realized how crazy people are about Apple products. With promising improvements in iPhone 5, Apple’s future seems very bright. I loved the way how this giant resurrected itself after being crushed by Microsoft.

Recently I came across a funny picture. In it, on one side there is a picture of Julian Assange who seems to say “I bring out private information of organisations, people and government. And I’m being called the villain”. On the other side is a picture of Mark Zuckerberg who seems to say “I sell the private information of organisations, people and government. And I’m the man of the year”. Funny but true though. The “accidental billionaire” now is worth more than Google’s founders. Facebook influenced everyone and in India, it simply murdered Google’s initiative “Orkut”. Statistics say that in recent months people browse through Facebook’s pages more than Google’s pages. More time is spent on Facebook than the time spent on all the Google products put together. Such is the power of the world’s largest social network. With APIs to help developers develop applications and the “like” button literally everywhere on the internet,  it seems that “Google Plus” would not take long to overcome Facebook. It has all the aces.

These giants seem to march in their own paths, the paths that often intersect one another. And since new products and features roll out like everyday, the challenge for today’s developers would be to choose which one to choose and focus to develop their skills. And the time has come for everyone to know about this industry, which has influenced the lives of everybody.

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