Riggs & Murtaugh

I’m not gonna spend much time on this since I’m going to hope Warner Brothers regains their senses before it’s too late. Warner Brothers has decided that, y’know, we really need a new Lethal Weapon movie afterall, hiring Will Beall(Tales from the Gangster Squad) to pen the script for a complete relaunch of the franchise. You might recall that Lethal Weapon 5 was actually discussed not all that long ago, but fell through when Mel Gibson disesteem the idea.

It’s just an awful idea. Make a buddy cop flick if you must, but does it have to be called Lethal Weapon? I can only imagine the terrible pairings WB might come up with to match the perfect chemistry between Danny Glover and Gibson. Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell? Larry Fishburne and Chris Klein? What? Noboy wants to see Klein play a cop again?

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