Michal Podchlebnik
Michal Podchlebnik

I was checking my map attached to this blog which tells me where people are in the world when they log onto my blog, when I came across a town I didn’t know followed by the initials “PL”.  Turns out the place was a small town in Poland; when I researched the town, the first thing that came up was a memorial to a number of Jewish residents who has perished during World War II at a concentration camp I had never heard of before.

The testimony contained in the link below is from Mr. Pobchlebnik  (pictured above) who was one of only four survivors of the Chelmno concentration camp in Poland. 300,000 Jews perished at this camp,  please exercise discretion before reading.


His recounting of the events at this place are another example of how the printed word has a power like no other. This testimony is one of many that will help make sure nothing like this happens again.

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