Word and Excel data repairs

In todays computerised world, almost every work has gone dependent on computers. MS Office software is totally inevitable which provides MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint tools to manage our day-to-day work(at corporate levels, at personal use level etc.).

MS Word

Many a times we are caught in a situation when our important and valuable MS Word files gets corrupted or damaged due to sudden system shutdown, virus attacks or error reading media where MS Word documents are stored. Kernel for Word is the most efficient and reliable recovery software, which restores and rebuild the damaged word files, that fails to open. It performs the complete recursive scan of the damaged document and then extracts the recoverable data from it.

Its fast, simple, easy to use software with no technical skills required to operate. It supports almost all versions of MS Word which includes MS Word 2003, MS Word XP, MS Word 2000, MS Word 97.

With the use of Kernel for Word Recovery software, all the crashed data is repaired or recovered within minutes. It recovers and extracts all the readable text from the word document. Its restoration features includes the following:

  • Restores document formatting
  • Recovers password protected word documents (if the password is known to the user)
  • Recovers tables, bulleted lists, embedded images
  • Recovers OLE objects
  • Recovers fields , including hyperlinks (URLs)
  • Restores headers & footnotes
  • Repairs corrupted Word documents saved in Macintosh format
  • Supports Rich Text Format (RTF)

Download the evaluation software for free : Kernel Recovery for Word


MS Excel is most widespread and commonly used MS Office software to store data, be it for personal use(at home, for students, calculations, making sequential notes etc.), for official use(companies, corporates, banks, hospitals, hotels, reservation centers,academic institutes etc).

Many times we come across the corruptions and inaccessibility of these excel files, which usually get corrupted or damaged due to unexpected shutdown of system, attack of viruses, software crash or any media read errors. Kernel Recovery for Excel provides the best and fastest solution to repair the corrupt files and reaccess them in no matter of time. It scans the file to analyse and repair the found corruptions and then recovers data from them. To ease the process of repairing many MS excel files at one time,  it provides Multi file recovery option.

Single File and Multi File are the two options available in the software. Single file helps to repair one .XLS file where as a number of .XLS files can be repaired with Multi file option. Both the file recovery options prove beneficial to users who want to repair heavy sized excel file(s) individually or collaboratively. After repairing, the recovered data is easy to save into new .xls files at your defined disk location.

Excel  Recovery Software supports almost all versions of MS Excel namely MS Excel 2003, MS Excel 2000, MS Excel XP, MS Excel 97.

By using this software, one can easily recover and extract all the valuable text from the corrupted worksheets and workbooks and restore its formatting.  It recovers

  • Data structures
  • Unicode in file content and name.
  • OLE objects
  • Fields, including hyperlinks (URLs)
  • Headers and footnotes.
  • Formulas
  • Bool value
  • Merged Cells
  • Row and Column Information
  • Text and Numbers
  • Text formatting

Download the evaluation software free of cost : Kernel Recovery for Excel

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