WordPress 3 – Pros and Cons

Alright bloggers, web surfers and simple web enthusiasts, we’ve got some fascinating news for you all. Yes, Internet community can’t stop buzzing about the forthcoming release of the new version of #1 blogging software – WordPress 3.0.

  • MU or Multi-User option now will be available to all WordPress 3.0 users. In case you still have no idea what it’s all about we can tell that this is one of the best features that will allow you to manage multiple blogs with different permissions – from a single admin panel. Alright, admit it – we all have at least a couple of blogs to work with, right? So MU is a very good – and anticipated – feature.
  • Another great innovation is the improvement of support for custom post types. These are great news for bloggers because it simplifies their work in creating and managing content, but it doesn’t mean that categories will disappear.
  • Menu management is one of the best improvements in 3.0 release because of the Custom Navigation menu system that will be included into the core – with drag and drop and other usability features brought to various types of menus. This menu enlightens widget management, submenus system and much more.
  • WordPress 3.0 will have a new default design theme that will be called 2010 – you can see the live demo of this design on official WordPress website. As you understand according to the new name of default theme every year WordPress will hopefully get a new default theme.

Wordpress 3.0

  • Custom Background and Image support system will help you create new theme for your blog in a matter of minutes.
  • WordPress 3.0 makes it possible to use the specific author templates. So, you can easily mark your own post or entry with your signature.
  • Canonical Plugins will be available in WordPress 3.0. This means that from the moment it is launched you will be able to easily use your favorite plugins without being afraid that new release of WordPress will kill them.

Alright, these were the good news and now it is time to point out some disadvantages that WordPress still can’t get rid of (and most likely will not even in WordPress 3.0). It is not a secret that WordPress does have some peculiarities that are not quite comfortable for the users. So, here are some issues that were really irritating in older versions and that we wouldn’t want to see in further WordPress versions.

Security is one of the most important features for any platform and old WordPress versions’ minimal requirements of PHP4 and MySQL4 are quite insecure. But we know that now you can easily migrate to PHP5 though this fact only solves the problem partially.

  • Chmod 777 command security risks that were one of the favorite topics to discuss for the at least several years now. Anyways according to the NerdGrind

    This would make your WordPress installation vulnerable to a security attack. Some plugins might ask you to do this temporarily, and then ask you to change the permissions back to 755 after the plugin finishes its setup. This won’t fix your problem without adding more problems. The might allow the plugin upgrade to work, but it won’t fix the WordPress upgrade issue unless you chmod 777 the entire WordPress installation directory, which is a huge security risk, and should never be done.

  • Autosave and revisions issues that sometimes expand your database 20 times from what it was just ten minutes ago. There are some plugins for this problem but we hope this feature can be fixed on a higher level.
  • Re-installing WordPress database can cause WP database class bug. This may cause troubles for users especially considering Multi-User merging process. Hakre on WordPress states that this bug will remain in 3.0 version too.

    When a replacement class is in use, the original WPDB one will get re-created under certain circumstances instead of the replacement one. That breaks the modular DB replacement concept once introduced.

With all that being said, even though WordPress 3.0 may have some bugs (and we’re not saying it will, let’s just hope for the best) the new release is really an amazing event and we can’t wait until it is launched. There is no doubt that the new WordPress 3.0 will change web into a better place, at least a little bit better and safer.

What’s the best thing about it is that most of the Internet users will be a part of these changes. Let us know in the comments what you think the new WordPress 3.0 version will bring into your personal online experience, we’d love to discuss it all while waiting for the big launch!

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